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The term Art Deco, coined in the 1960s(!), refers to a style that spanned the boom of the roaring 1920s and the bust of the Depression-ridden 1930s. Art Deco represented many things for many people.

It was the style of the flapper girl and the factory, the luxury ocean liner and the skyscraper, the fantasy world of Hollywood and the real world of the Harlem Renaissance. Art Deco affected all forms of design, from the fine and decorative arts to fashion, film, photography, transport and product design. It was modern and it was everywhere.

It drew on tradition and yet simultaneously celebrated the mechanized, modern world. Often deeply nationalistic, it spread like wild fire all over the world, dominating the skylines of cities from New York to Shanghai. It embraced both handcraft and machine production, exclusive works of high art and new products in affordable materials.

Art Deco reflected the plurality of the contemporary world, and a social shift from the matriarchy of the 1880's towards the patriarchy of the early 1920's. Unlike its functionalist sibling, Modernism, it responded to the human need for pleasure and escape. In celebrating the ephemeral, Art Deco succeeded in creating a mass style of permanence. Infinitely adaptable, it gave free reign to the imagination and celebrated the fantasies, fears and desires of people all over the world.

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Since we have so many artists in this community,
I want you to know that this community is very artist friendly.
If you have any work; past or present, which is germane to the
community subject,
please feel free to post it here.
I am not adverse to original artwork, gallery links, auction listings,
questions, written articles, anything pertaining to the topic or
spirit thereof.

This does not only include artwork, but period crafts and clothing as well.

While I am very grateful to anyone who posts in here, I must ask that if an image is "too large" (I'll trust your judgement; say, 600 pixels) or you have multiple large images to post, please use an lj-cut.

The only promos tolerated will be those germane to Art Deco.

If you need something to shrink your pictures, you can try a free program called "Irfanview." I have linked to it here.

(I have my community screen area set to '1024 x 768' pixels)

Only promos germane to Art Deco will be tolerated... I have no tolerance for vapidness.

If posting in another language, please also post in English (the lingua franca of LJ).

Thank you.

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